Lost In Translation:

Emplacement, Disruption and Digital Videography

The following project explores and complicates scholarly-productive approaches to digital videography. The four-part video* will argue that the field of Rhetoric and Writing Studies has tended to reveal digital videography through the inventional lens of conventional textual composition, limiting the relationships scholars can maintain with videographic production. Noting this limitation, however, opens up an alternative whose promise lies in allowing the distinctive affordances of digital video to reconfigure our customary practices. Such a willingness to deal with video on its own terms becomes part of a larger commitment to open ourselves to the disruptive transformative potential of communicative technologies. The project argues that undergoing a transformative experience of technology reveals modes of being and performing which we could not have anticipated, and could further aid our efforts in validating forms of argument which fall outside the norms of current understanding. 


* The video presents a linear argument which depends upon a chronological viewing (1-4).


Zach Warzecka

Doctoral Student

University of Texas at El Paso