Digital Composing by Perl, Hawisher, and Selfe

Sondra Perl

"When I first saw a digital story, in other words, I had a sense that the future was here. That composing using not only text but also images, sound, and graphics was exciting, and complex, that it speaks to a student body raised on images, music and film, and that it gives prominence to what often matters most to me when teaching writing which is voice." Read/View Presentation

Gail Hawisher

"I’d like to talk about the connections I’ve tried to make in moving from pedagogical approaches that rely on digital media to a digitally-informed research methodology for capturing some of the nuances of literate practices here and abroad. I also present some video work by coauthors, Synne Skjulstad, of Oslo, Norway, and Hannah Kyung Lee, of Chicago, Illinois." Read/View Presentation

Cynthia Selfe

"This new landscape of narrative studies shifts our focus from what used to be a fascination with the structure and the analysis of personal stories to a focus on how such accounts are tied in fundamental ways to culture, meaning, knowledge, identity formation and transformation in all human beings."Read/View Presentation