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The development of the Starter City concept in massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) was influenced by the need to respond to an unintended consequence of the simulation experience. While the initial goal of early games like Ultima Online had been to provide a relatively unconstrained environment in which players could build a simulated society set in a fantasy realm, it quickly became apparent that the game could function all too effectively as a social and behavioral simulation of the "real" world, in the form of social Darwinism run amok. Conspicuous consumption, wealth disparities, and the strong preying upon the weak led to a frustrating experience for many players. However MMORPG design philosophy in relation to starter environments quickly expanded beyond the need to limit nonconsensual forms of gameplay. Game designers began to explore ways in which the starter environments could more effectively teach the player what they needed to know to tackle what are very complex simulations, to continue to learn on their own, and most importantly, to continue to want to inhabit the game world.

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