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Build upon the students' photodatabase activity by providing an assignment in which they are designers in charge of creating a billboard/website/digital pamphlet encouraging tourists to visit their city, school, or other location. We recommend that students create two billboards/websites/digital pamphlets: one that uses static imagery and another using dynamic imagery (a slideshow). Below are programs and some instructions we’ve found on using the programs to create slideshows. If these instructions don't work for you (maybe you don't have the same version of the program, the instructions just don't make sense, or the links have passed away), use a search engine to find some that do work. There are a lot of options out there.

In Paul’s classes, when students begin designing homepages for their websites, they often become aware of the mechanical constraints of static imagery and struggle to get the "right" image for this important representational space. Synecdoche is a term that could be introduced here as well as Burbules' (1997) article on hyperlinks and tropes "(Rhetorics of the Web: Hyperreading and Critical Literacy"). Such rhetorical language is technically enabling for students to describe the rhetorical moves they are making when selecting pictures and in using different communication mechanisms (static image or slideshow). At this point, we also discuss how timing of visual imagery can influence a slideshow's meaning. For instance, a fast slideshow might communicate excitement and thrill to an audience while a slow slideshow might indicate calmness and tranquility. And, if students start playing with timings in their slideshows so that not all images are presented within the same time frame, we can discuss how they can use different timings to communicate or assign different values to their imagery to audiences. A slideshow of New York City, for example, where pictures of boroughs other than Manhattan are presented in one second intervals except for Manhattan, which is presented for five seconds, might communicate to an audience that Manhattan, again, is THE important borough.

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