About the Textbook
Technology is everywhere and composition is not what is was twenty years ago.  Students are constantly being asked to incorporate existing resources into their work to be most effective and pack the most punch!  Joining words and the vast array of available images effectively is not always an easy task, as pictures can take away from the message just as easily as it can enhance it.  This textbook works towards the hope of teaching student writers how to assemble a number of different paper formats with helpful images.  Authors Lee Odell and Susan Katz pieced together this textbook with the hope of empowering today's students to utilize the technological options available, noting that "this ability to use visuals and design to create effective documents is rapidly turning into a requirement: both in college courses and in the real world, most writers today are expected to work with more than just words".  These authors have a goal of helping to "develop writers who are not just literate but visually literate". 

This is a textbook that is useful for college students in almost any major and at any level of writing.  Odell and Katz, being writing instructors themselves, designed this book to take the student through the step-by-step process of tastefully, yet creatively, entwining technology into the major presentation projects that college students are asked to complete.  The chapters of the book cover projects such as profiles, reports, position papers, evaluations, proposals, and instructional papers.  Within each of these chapters lies the process for going from "Getting Started" to "Finishing Up", guiding the reader through the writing process of creation to completion.  With student examples and helpful tips spread throughout the chapters, the pressure of generating an original project is made easier by the layout and approach of the textbook. 

Megan Muller