Sample Assignment Survey
The assignment we chose to critique was from chapter 2.  The assignment was to write a profile of a person, place, or activity that will reveal to readers the characteristics that they think make him or her or it remarkable.  The person, place, or activity they choose should invite strong reactions--administration, respect, or appreciation.  It asks to shy away from topics about which they have only negative emotions.

The goal of the "big assignment" for chapter 2 is to give the reader an understanding of what profiles are and what they are used for.  The goal of a profile is to provide readers with an insiders view of the topic being used.  Profiles try to give readers a sense of experiencing the topic for themselves.

 One piece of advice given in the chapter that worked for us was how they help the reader select a topic that would work for them and their profile.  The chapter does a good job providing step by step instructions/advice on how to pick a subject if the reader is confused about which one they want.  They provide the reader with questions to ask themselves while brainstorming in order to help them narrow down their topic choices.  The chapter also gives  activities to do once the reader feels that they have found a topic in order to truly make sure this is the topic they want.  Some of the activities include:  examining your own experience with your topic, talk with others about your topic to get advice or stories that could help you, and look for good photographs that will help readers appreciate your topic.  We feel that if a reader follows these guidelines provided then it should be easy to come up with a topic for the assignment.

In helping you create a profile chapter 2 does a good job of getting the reader to write about visual culture.  The chapter gets the reader to start using visual images such as charts, graphs, tables and photos of their specific profile.  These images can do a good job of getting across a point and help convey certain emotions, attitudes and values that the reader is trying to get across in his text.

Overall we felt this chapter was very well organized and easy to follow.  The assignment they wanted the reader to do was a good one and one that we felt would be interesting to do.  It involved the reader using personal feelings and experiences about a topic which we feel makes it easier to do.  We liked how chapter 2 provided detailed step by step instructions and activities to help the reader in case they got stuck.  This is an assignment that we would recommend to other students to do.

James Hubbard