Transnational Literate Lives in the Digital World is an insightful and reflective ebook. It is written with a thoughtfulness that is a reminder that the work we do is never our own—but always in conversation with unheard voices across the globe. It forefronts the human element that can get lost in academic work, even in our humanistic field.

In this site, I have put my book review into three different sections, based on who I imagine would gain something from this book. The authors frame the book through eight "observations." The first four observations are focused around how our understanding of literacy evolves when considering a global landscape. Observations 5-8 focus on the way digital technologies shape and are shaped by literacy practices. The third section, Uses, is written for people who may want to teach about transnational ethnography or digital scholarship. I also discuss the scholarly and methodological contirbutions.

Chapter List

Chapter 1: Digital Literacies, Technological Diffusion, and Globalization
Chapter 2: Digital Media & Transnational Connections: From Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Sydney, Australia
Chapter 3: Cultural Designs for Writing Digitally: From Ubana, Illinois, and Afar
Chapter 4: Acts of Translation in the Academy and Across National Boundaries
Chapter 5: Global Digital Divide: From Nigernia and the People's Republic of China

Publication Information

Berry, Patrick W., Gail E. Hawisher, and Cynthia L. Selfe. Transnational Literate Lives in Digital Times. Logan, UT: Computers and Composition Digital P/Utah State UP, 2012. Web.