“Today I cannot imagine offering a successful course … bereft of thoughtful application of technology” – Martha Nell Smith

The question for the language and literature classroom is no longer whether to utilize online components or not but how to do so thoughtfully and effectively. Both framing and attempting to answer some parts of this complex question, Teaching Literature and Language Online–edited and introduced by Ian Lancashire–offers a collection of essays that present an in-depth analysis of online/hybrid classroom teaching and the many diverse elements, tools, and technologies that can contribute to the virtual learning environment.

Divided into three sections–articles that provide a general overview (1), case studies in language courses (2), and then case studies in Literature courses (3)–Teaching Literature and Language Online focuses on individual experiences and the details of successful online programs. This collection of articles would be relevant to anyone interested in web-based language and Literature classrooms and/or current online/hybrid teaching in general. The articles are compassionate, consistently insightful, and eminently relevant.

Success Stories of the Online Languages and Literature Classroom

Teaching Literature and Language Online  Ed. Ian Lancashire

Reviewed by Michael Salitrynski, Bowling Green State University

Text Box: Introduction
Text Box: Literature Case Studies
Text Box: Critique
Text Box: General Overview Section
Text Box: Language Case Studies