The 21st Century Englishes conference was held on the Campus of Bowling Green State University (BGSU) in Bowling Green, OH, on Saturday, October 19, 2013. The conference was hosted by the graduate students of the BGSU Department of English, and served as a venue for graduate students from across the United States – including students from Ohio, California, Kentucky and Tennessee – to present their work. The goal of the conference was to encourage students to write and research about the ways in which technology, multilingualism and multiculturalism have begun to make traditional definitions of English as a discipline, and a spoken and written language, a challenge to American educators.

Although the conference was intended as a means for graduate students to showcase their work, as is typical with small or regional conferences a more established scholar was asked to serve as the keynote speaker for the 21st Century Englishes Conference. Jason Palmeri, Associate Professor at Miami University in Oxford, OH, and author of Remixing Composition: A History of Multimodal Writing Pedagogy, served as the keynote speaker, and gave a presentation that showed how his own work drew on both advancing technology and the work of composition instructors of the past to form a new way of thinking about multimodality. In this review article I will be reviewing Palmeri’s keynote presentation, discussing why Palmeri’s background made him the ideal speaker for this conference, and talk about both the content and the style of his presentation.

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