swipe right on find/replace invention, equity, and technofeminist
potentials of find/replace technologies

Our webtext comes in three official versions. Each version meets audience demands  and expectations differently. We do this to be as kairoticly accessible to our audiences as possible and offer different forms of engagment with the webtext.

Swipe is more gisty and interactive. Users can swipe right and left to date theorists and concepts. Users will experience the salient points of our discussion on find/replace's technofeminist potentials. It's “in a nutshell.”

Find/Replace is playful and demonstrates our “patagogy.” It includes interactive elements, media, and might never be read the same way twice as words in the text are find/replaced, making similarly dissimilar points about find/replace. It's “the devil is in the details.”

Plain Text is what you find in journal pdfs. It's “all talk and no action.”

Please, knock on wood, enjoy each version.