Pop Culture

Pop Culture and Gaming promote the four Cs of 21st Century Skills: critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, and communication is the premise of the fourth section.  Writing Fan Fiction, playing in groups on gaming sites, and creating new identities in other forums are included topics.  Interestingly, one article suggests that working in fan fiction is beneficial to ESL (English as a Second Language) students and quickens the learning curve. Another selection touts the communication skills needed to play as a group on the World of Warcraft.  The authors assert that skill in communication, development of an ethos of trust and friendships, and the coordination of plays enhance problem solving and creativity.   

They trace playing sessions to reinforce this thesis.  The same 21st Century skillset is advanced thru role playing online in other forums as evidenced by another article also tracing student involvement in a play session.  Additionally, participants learn the language of role playing and a strong sense of belonging.  This reviewer, who can barely play the old game of Frogger, is considering learning how to join the gamer culture or at the very least, I watching an extended play period as a result of the readings.