Kalantzis, M., & Cope, B. (2012). Literacies. New York: Cambridge UP.

ISBN 978-1-107-40219-5


Book Review by Jacob Tooley

Literacies by Mary Kalantzis and Bill Cope provides a contemporary definition of literacy, and demonstrates through numerous examples how “Multiliteracies” can be incorporates into pedagogical practices. 

Literacies is designed as an introduction to the teaching and learning of literacy using multimodal texts. The book is separated into four parts: The ‘Why’ of Literacies, Approaches to Literacies, The ‘What’ of Literacies, and The ‘How’ of Literacies.  This organizational structure allows the reader to analyze the complex historical and evolving paradigms of literacies in manageable chunks.

With Literacies, Kalantzis and Cope have successfully crated an introduction to "Multilteracies." The inclusion of multimodal examples within the book and on the supplemental website allow for a better understanding of complex topics that cover multiple disciplines.