About Us and Acknowledgements

Dawn M. Formo is the Dean of Undergraduate Studies and Professor of Literature & Writing Studies at California State University at San Marcos. Kimberly Robinson Neary is an Adjunct Associate Professor in the English department at Los Angeles City College. Kimberly and Dawn are co-authoring a series of articles that look closely at an online writing lab (OWL) between a university and neighboring high school students, with a particular focus on girls’ rhetorical agency on the OWL. This article extends work they are doing with Lynne Stallings, Associate Professor of English at Ball State University. Together, they are exploring the role of the writer as solicitor of feedback.

With deep appreciation for making a lively university-to-high-school OWL possible, we thank our students--the graduate students who helped to design it and the university and high school students who enthusiastically came together online to discuss writing. Special thanks to Kris Blair for her engaged feedback at the Research Network Forum and the Feminisms and Rhetoric Conference which encouraged us to pursue our OWL research. For their technical savvy and endless patience, we thank Dave Neary, Jay Rees, Jane Sim, Damon Adamo, and Jason Eberwein. For providing us with critical feedback that assisted us in (re)shaping our argument, thank you Carrie Wastal, Carla Maroudas, and Catherine Cucinella. We are indebted to you all for your expertise, your constructive criticism, and your generosity of time and spirit.

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