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The key question addressed in Teaching Writing with Computers is, quite simply, "How can and should writing teachers effectively incorporate writing technologies into their curriculum?" (5). With such a question (and focus of this collection) in mind, the editors originally facilitated contributions with a simple query: "Knowing what you know about teaching with writing technologies, what would you want new teachers to know about these particular issues?"

The essays contained in this collection, then, seek to answer such a query as they collectively inform, explain, and guide newcomers through issues related to physical/virtual boundaries (Yancey, Blythe, Hawisher and Selfe), issues related to gender (Tulley and Blair, Hawisher and Selfe), issues related to visual literacy/rhetoric/media (Gruber, Wysocki, Hocks), and issues related to the assessment of computer-mediated assignments (Moran and Herrington, Anson).

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