Submission Guidelines

NOTE: The following guidelines provide information about submitting webtexts to Computers and Composition Online. We publish as an on-demand journal, meaning that once a webtext is fully accepted, we publish right away rather than within a specific issue. Computers and Composition: An International Journal (the print journal) has separate submission guidelines.

Submissions should ideally be aligned with the following sections:

If you have work available, we encourage you to submit. Please note that we accept electronic submissions only, and work that is intended for the web rather than the printed page is required. Each submission is screened by the in-house staff for appropriateness of content and format for the journal and then forwarded to two members of the editorial review board for an external peer review. This process takes approximately four weeks during the academic year. In some instances, a submission may be forwarded to a C&W specialist not on the board to ensure that the piece is reviewed by the most current subject experts. All pieces published at C&C Online have undergone a review and revision process, though reviews and professional development pieces are not sent out for external evaluation. APA format is preferred for bibliographic citation. If you have any questions about format or content, please feel free to contact us by email. All submissions and queries need to be emailed to Kristine Blair (blairk2@duq.edu).

More Specific Guidelines for Web-Based Submissions:

Submissions for Computers and Composition Online need to be web-aware, meaning that they not only use the web as a medium but also take advantage of the benefits of this kind of publishing. Rhizomatic structures that disrupt traditional linear forms are welcome. Multimodal assets, including digital video and audio, are also welcome. Here are some things to keep in mind: