This volume sought to provide readers with practical instructional strategies for teaching online, giving readers a toolkit for modifying online writing courses and predicting students’ needs in future digital contexts. As someone who has not taught online before, I felt like this text prepared me to create a digital learning space, not a F2F class regurgitated online, and it even resulted in me questioning the monomodality of this book review, prompting the addition of multimedia. Overall, multiple chapters in this text reinforced how online instruction is different that face-to-face courses that I would not have considered otherwise, making this text an important text for novice online instructors. I also found all the information practical, demonstrating the importance of various theories, like emotions and accessibility, to design and facilitate the best online classrooms possible.

Additionally, the chapters provided personal case studies and experiences to understand how to conceptualize courses and encourage student engagement, but they also challenge instructors to reflect on their own practices to see how they can consider these ideas in their courses. This useful outcome of Applied Pedagogies makes for an effective read that contributes to an instructor’s pedagogy and serves as a good starting point for beginning online writing instructors.