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           Author John Scenters-Zapico teaches at the University of Texas at El Paso

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The Journal and Writing Place (TJP) is tried and true Web-based interactive writing environments.  TJP was born in computer writing classrooms, and is run by writing teachers. 

TJP has had a phenomenal grass roots take off: it is user friendly, HTTPS secure, and supported 24-7.  Teachers and students can literally begin using it immediately.


TJP is in use in community college and university settings.  It is used in English classes as diverse as remedial writing, composition, Chicano/a literature, children's literature, reading and responding to writing, business communication, and technical writing, as well as graduate classes in Rhetoric and Composition.  

Outside of English, TJP is used in Pharmacy, Engineering, Education, University Studies, Humanities, and Sociology.  It is natural that TJP now is being adopted in middle through high school.


"The Journal and Writing Place is community and interactive writing like you've never experienced before."