Electrate Dream Interpretation

A First-Year Composition Post-Critical Project on the Dreamlike World of Video Games

Sarah Hicklin - Artist's Statement

Reid Hayes - Artist's Statement

Elizabeth Myer - Artist's Statement

Di Nguyen - Artist's Statement

Grayson Bonds - Artist's Statement

". . . we have a 'chaos of appearances.' The 'chaos' is a direct consequence of the simplification of language that goes with the belief in a True World." -Paul Fayerabend, Against Method: Outline of an Anarchist Theory of Knowledge (1975), p. 262 "Videogames are art. In order to value videogames as art, or a cultural force, we need to understand how the video game avant-garde works."-Jay David Bolter, "Videogames as Avant-garde Art" (2014), p. 1 "It is no longer of any importance what signs reveal. They billow and float, pool and gather, arbitrary and useless." Mackenzie Wark, Gamer Theory (2007), p. 42 "We should perhaps do well in certain cases to make allowance for absolute irrationality even if, on heuristic grounds, we approach each particular case by inquiring into its causality."-Carl Jung, On the Nature of Dreams (1945), p. 5 "Explanations lend a false unity, homogeneity, universality, to a heterogeneous body of materials, ignoring or sublating real differences in the interest of an artificial verisimilitude of plausibility."-Gregory Ulmer, "One Video Theory (some assembly required)" (1995), p. 253 "What is true is not real; what is real is not true."-Mackenzie Wark, Gamer Theory (2007), p. 32 "Games teach players how to engage and optimize systems as well as how to manage their desire in a contemporary world. This makes the world of games a principal site to expose, unwork, and rethink the protocols and rituals that rule technoculture."-Jay David Bolter, "Videogames as Avant-garde Art" (2014), p. 4 "But how do we arrive at a plausible meaning and how can we confirm the rightness of the interpretation? One method-which, however, is not scientific-would be to predict future happenings from the dreams . . ."-Carl Jung, "On the Nature of Dreams" (1945), p. 8




Critical Thinking

Electronic Cognition

Video Game Theory


The Elder Scrolls

What Games Can Teach US

The Syzygy: Anima and Animus

Mario Kart

Dream Interpretations

A Walk in the Park

The Self

Collective Unconscious

The Shadow


Pirates: Tides of Fortune

League of Legends

Thor: The Dark World

On the Nature of Dreamlike Games

Tangled: Double Trouble

Call of Duty Blackops II: Zombies

Escaping the Prison