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Lindsey Larkin and Marshall Kitchens collaboratively developed this project for the Computers and Composition Online special issue on Sexualities, Technology, and the Teaching of Writing. This project documents their experiences as student and instructor in an upper level writing course on ethnography and their personal and ethical concerns as Lindsey engaged in an auto-ethnography of drag-king culture

Lindsey Larkin received her B.A. in Sociology in 2002 and
currently serves as a counselor and programming assistant for BGLT youth at
Affirmations Lesbian and Gay Community Center in Ferndale, MI. She has recently been accepted into the Master's in Public Health program at the University of Michigan. E-Mail:

Ethnography: Performing Gender
Editorial: Breaking Silence

Marshall Kitchens is an Assistant Professor of Rhetoric and Communication at Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan. He teaches First Year Composition, Multicultural Communication, Ethnographic Writing, and Digital Culture. He received his Ph.D. from Wayne State University in Detroit. E-mail:



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Internal Areas

An Abstract of the Project.
Lindsey's reflection about her experience as a student.
Marshall's reflection about his experience as an instructor. 

External Links (These open in a new window)

Advanced Writing: Ethnography (Course Site)
Performing Gender: Drag King Culture in Metro Detroit (Lindsey's Autoethnography).