blurred image of march

Failure to Launch: An Augmented Thick Description of #womenswave

L. Corinne Jones: University of Central Florida: @lcjones777

Example of Augmented Thick Description

Examples of Augmented Thick Descriptions with Embedded Images to Recreate Visual and Affective Experiences

Please click on the two examples of Augmented Thick Description that I have created below. For the sake of protecting people at the March from possible future harassment (both online and offline), I have omitted names from both documents. I have also de-embedded images that had pictures of people’s faces for similar reasons. Additionally, these people may not have wished to be included in this research.

In each example, I have italicized where I de-embedded links. The links that are included open a document with my images and a quick description of how those images re-created the experience for me. However, these notes are fragmented and rhizomatic, reflecting my associative linkages which I noted during my experiences.