Student Examples

In the previous section, we demonstrated how a traditional writing program rubric, one designed to primarily evaluate alphabetic texts, can also be used to evaluate multimodal compositions. Here, we will reveal how we have specifically used Ball State's Writing Program rubric to assess our own students' multimodal projects. In an attempt to show how the rubric could be applied to a variety of multimodal mediums, we will show examples of a student-created and designed digital film, a slideshow presentation, a collage, and a flash animation. These projects are a good sampling of the types of multimodal projects we receive, and they also vary in quality.  In each of the descriptions that follow the individual examples, we have provided the rubric comments that we would give to each student.

Student Example #1: Digital Film

Student Example #2: Collage

Student Example #3: Slideshow

Student Example #4: Flash Animation

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