The Digital Bridge: How Interactions on Twitter Can Connect Students to the World Beyond Academia

by Benjamin Dally

About the Author

Benjamin Dally graduated with an MA in Composition and Rhetoric from California State University of Sacramento. Over his eight years of teaching experience he has taught at the high school, adult education, and middle school levels. He is currently teaching at a private bilingual school in continental Europe with plans to return to the United States, enter a PhD. program, and eventually teach at the collegiate level. His research interests include technology in--and out--of the classroom, activity systems, reb development, rhetorical theory, and the liminal.


I would like to take a moment to thank a few people that truly helped me complete this project. First, my wife, Olivia, for putting up with the late nights and frustrated moments. I could not have done this without you. My parents, Shelley and Rush, for all their support through the years. My professor and friend, Daniel Melzer, PhD., who helped me with this project long after I left the university. Amy Heckathorn, PhD. and David Toise, PhD., who helped me through the masters program and made me a more focused composer.

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