The Digital Bridge: How Interactions on Twitter Can Connect Students to the World Beyond Academia

by Benjamin Dally


This study explores Twitter's potential to efficiently link the activity systems of academia and the professional world. #Intro

Russell's interpretation of Activity Theory within a context of Web 2.0 and Jenkins' Participatory Culture provide the #Framework and guide the #LitReview.

Quantitative and qualitative means are used to help understand latent Twitter usage and potential involvement with activity systems beyond academia. #Objectives&Methods

#Surveys help illuminate student's latent and potential participation with activity systems beyond academia.

Two undergraduate students, Alfred and Kathrine, discuss their perception of Twitter. #Interviews

Final thoughts and a concrete technique for using Twitter in academia. #Conclusion

The true foundation of any decent study is the groundwork laid by those that have come before #References

These additional resource #Extras might help those that do not know what Twitter is, what Web 2.0 is, or how Twitter is an activity system.