reconstructing the archive home scrapbook link to information about the project link to information about the project design link to reconstructing the archive review link to techne review link to sustainable learning spaces review link to sources link to descriptive transcript click to enlarge image or play video black-and-white image of the author holding up a 'Tru-Vue' device just below her eyes, with colored Images from the video 
centered in the device's two lenses image of the author in profile facing left, with a bookshelf in the background; juxtaposed over her image is a black-and-white photo of
Josephine Miles, covered by cracks as if from the shattered glass of a mirror image of large copper boiler in snowy yard surrounded by golden grasses under a tree; in the top right corner are the words
Gloria is in the boiler, she can't cry.' in strips that appear cut out of yellowed paper image of the author sitting cross-legged in a wicker chair in a sunlit room with windows behind her; she holds a small colorful 
piece of roughly woven yarn and looks at it intently