techne queer meditations on writing the self link to information about the project link to information about the project design link to reconstructing the archive review link to techne review link to sustainable learning spaces review link to sources link to descriptive transcript graffiti home Quote: Our goal, ultimately, is to create an excess of experience and observation, not always linking in 
predictable ways, and leaving room for getting lost—and thus asking for our readers’ active engagement in order to make 
sense of the changeable experience of Techne. As such, the experience of the book itself enacts a generative, multimodal 
techne of self, with both somatic and representational consequence. We surely want our composing technologies to help us move, to allow us to “follow something other than the lines” already laid down. But to do so, we need to 
know how those objects already orient us along particular trajectories—and why. Graffiti is often itself an act of dis/orientation. Some of it just tags the environment, designed to mark a space as owned in a subterranean geography. But much of it disrupts the nearly seamless flow of corporate 
colonization of public spaces...Graffiti can dis/orient the spatial spectacles of our everyday lives, tactically turning attention to cracks in the narrative, contradictions and incommensurabilities in the paved-
over stories we otherwise tell ourselves to get through the day. click to enlarge quote or play video;